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Washing Machine repair in Jeddah KSA Saudi Arabia

Washing Machine repair in Jeddah KSA Saudi Arabia

A washing machine is an expensive appliance, which is why investing in its maintenance can save you a lot of money in the long run. KSA Repair is known for the quality of its washing machine repair in Jeddah services. Our professionals will come to your address, assess the problem and suggest the most adequate and cost-efficient solution.

Our customers benefit from fixed price washing machine and dryer repairs. The price includes the visit to your home, the labor charges and the cost of all necessary repair parts.
The KSA Repair washing machine repair Jeddah professionals have extensive experience with most brands on the market. Some of the washing machine and dryer brands that we specialize in include Ariston, AEG, Daewoo, Bosch, Electrolux, Frigidaire, LG, Indesit, Samsung, Whirlpool, Siemens, Zanussi and many others.

We’re ready to assist you six days per week. Don’t wait until the situation becomes worse. Getting a timely washing machine repair in Jeddah can save you money on much costlier repairs in the future. In addition, a professional in the field will be capable of diagnosing your appliance and figuring out whether any additional fixes are needed.

Since we’re confident in the quality of our work, all washing machine and dryer repairs come with a two-month guarantee. Our weekend services are available at no extra charge and all of the work will be done on your premises. This way, we’ll reduce the repair time and the inconveniences caused by damaged appliances.

Give us a call today or use our Contact Us page to schedule your washing machine repair in Jeddah appointment right now.

Fully automatic automatic washing machine repair in jeddah saudi arabia

There is only one tub in a fully automatic washing machine that serves as the washer,
rinser, and dryer. The machine automatically takes in an appropriate amount of water
and detergent and sets the timer for wash and drying based on the number of clothes
or the weight of the clothes. If your fully automatic washing machine is not working
properly. Contact KSA Repair.

Semi-Automatic Washing Machine Repair in jeddah

In this type of machine, the washer and dryer are housed in separate tubs or vessels. Washing and drying times can be adjusted separately using two timers. Do you use the Semi-automatic washing machine? Is not it working well? Does it need to repair? Whatever the issue is, KSA Repair is here to help you.

Integrated And Built-in Washing Machines

For a modern home, the integrated model is the best washing machine. They have the most elegant and adaptable concept of all the models available. The appliance is designed to fit in nicely with a cabinet or cupboard. Is your Integrated and built-in washing machine facing some problems and not working well? Don’t worry we have professionals to repair your integrated and built-in washing machine.

Why Choose Us For Washing Machine Repair In Jeddah?

Our goal is to ensure that you are not inconvenienced after your washing machine has been fixed. Our professionals make sure that your washer is in perfect operating order when they leave. It would be dreadful if you continued to have problems following the repair service.


Faulty Drum Replacement
Pressure System Faults
Not Heating
Snapped Belts
Washing Machine Moves Around
Washing Machine Is Noisy
Washing Machine Won’t Spin
Washer Smells
Washer won’t Drain
Blocked Pumps
Door Gasket Replacements
Problems With Spin Cycle
And Many More!
Clothes Come Out Ripped
Washing Machine Doesn’t Fill with Water
Washer Door Doesn’t Open
Washer Doesn’t Turn On

machine repair in Jeddah ensures that we are on-site as soon as possible. We have teams of washing machine repair professionals in Jeddah, and they are only a phone call away.

If you detect any of these issues, please contact us as soon as possible; our technician will be at your place the same day and give you unparalleled and professional washing machine repair service in Jeddah.

Washing Machine Repair Services Jeddah – Certified Exerts

KSA Repair team will schedule a visit to your home at the most convenient time for you. A specialist will examine your washing machine to determine the source of the problem. Technicians will fix a washer machine on the same visit, allowing you to utilise it immediately rather than waiting days. When it comes to washing machine repair, KSA Repair guarantees the highest quality service. We make sure that all of our customers are pleased with our work.

KSA Repair offers highly educated and experienced washing machine engineers who will come to you with our fully equipped repair van wherever you are in or around Jeddah, Sharjah, and Ajman. We can make effective washing machine repairs on the spot. There is no need to wait for spare parts on any model of the washing machine. KSA Repair can take care of the problem on a regular basis or in an emergency. With KSA Repair professionals, repairs are significantly less expensive than replacement, and if they aren’t, we’ll tell you straight. For washing machine repairs, we have a set rate price that we will mention to you. We provide top-quality services. You can trust us.
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If so, you’ve arrived at the best website for washing machine repair. For technical assistance and servicing, contact our professional right now.

24-Hour Washing Machine Repair

In Jeddah, KSA Repair is a reputable, experienced, and professional company. We are incredibly proud of the high level of knowledge possessed by our trained washing machine repair technicians, who are qualified, equipped, and have a wide range of experience to handle any washing machine repair task and repair all brands. Call us

immediately if you’re looking for the most reliable, reasonably priced, and skilled washing machine repair service in Jeddah. Contact us at any moment by phone ( 0536277528 ). KSA Repairs, we provide 24-hour washing machine repair in Jeddah. For washing machine repair emergencies, there are no additional fees.

Washing Machine Repair Near Me Free Estimate

Your washing machine breaking down is always quite inconvenient, especially when you need it the most! Your daily life could be impacted, along with your plans and timetable. Therefore, if your washing machine isn’t working properly and you can’t find a simple fix in the manual, it’s time to call the professionals. Over the course of their years with us, our specialists have dealt with a wide range of washing machine issues, so we’ve seen it all. Let us finish the job quickly rather than taking hours out of your day to fix the washing machine yourself. We provide free estimates for every washing machine repair.

Same Day Washing Machine Repair

You require urgent help when your washing machine breaks down. You cannot afford to wait while the laundry accumulates. You don’t have to wash your clothing by hand because we offer same-day washing machine repair service. With professionals around the KSA, we can quickly send one of our skilled technicians to you. KSA Repairs offers high-quality service and repair for all washing machine brands and models in Jeddah. All of our repairs come with 12-month parts and labour warranty, so you can rest easy knowing the problem is fixed for a long time.

Washing Machine Home Service Repair

No matter what brand your washing machine is, our qualified technicians have the knowledge and skills to repair any problem. Contact us immediately if you need a home service repair for a washing machine. Working with a professional repair team like KSA Repairs can help you complete washing machine repairs without too many problems. Whatever the reason, you can immediately restore your appliances to working condition by calling a washing machine repair service near me. On us, you can rely. We provide the best washing machine home service repair in Jeddah.

KSA Repairs has a team of highly skilled individuals. They are well-versed in all aspects of the washing machine. It makes no difference which part of the machine needs to be fixed. However, there are some common parts that we can readily repair and replace. We also repair and replace other parts of the washing machine in addition to these.

Belts, Timers, Pumps, Hoses, Switched lids, Plungers for the lids, Switches for pressure, Assembly of agitators, Spindles for driving, Plunger/lifters for Wigwag, Levers for Changing Transmission Modes, Transmissions, Solenoids, Snubber / Damper Pad, etc.

Washing Machine repair in Jeddah KSA Saudi Arabia
Washing Machine repair in Jeddah KSA Saudi Arabia

We Repair The Following Washing Machines:

Top Loading Washing Machines

The clothes are loaded from the top of the washing machine in this machine. The top of the spherical vessel, which serves as the washer, rinser, and drier in the fully automatic washing machine, has a cover that facilitates loading and unloading of clothes.

KSA repair top-loading washing machines very easily, whichever part of the washing machine needs to be repaired we will sort that out with the knowledge of our experts.

Front Loading Washing Machines

The clothes are loaded into this machine from the front. Front-loading washing machines use less electric energy, water, and detergent than top-loading washing machines, according to studies. Does your front-loading washing machine have some unusual issues? Does it cause inconvenience to you? Don’t worry. We have professionals to repair your front-loading washing machine. They will examine the problem and solve the issue as soon as possible.

Compact Washing Machines

Compact washing machines are modest in size and include a handle, you can take them anywhere. If your compact washing machine is not working normally, or it causing some issues as mentioned above, then you need to repair your compact washing machine. KSA Repair has professionals who can easily handle the issues your washing
machine is facing.

Washing Machine Repair Near Me – Fast & Reliable

Book an appointment by phone for Quality & Reliable washing machine repair near me and nearby in Jeddah. Our professionals of washing machine repair in Jeddah provide same-day and next-day washing machine repair services. KSA Repair LLC gives guaranteed after-repair by our specialist. We will ensure that you will get the highest standard of maintenance. Our main motive is to provide guaranteed parts for washing machines and repairs much quicker than other companies in Jeddah & its nearby areas.

Fix Your Washing Machine in Jeddah With KSA Repair

KSA Repair LLC is trustworthy and has certified repair experts in Jeddah who will repair your home appliances efficiently and effectively. Our repairman will also keep in mind your family’s and home appliances’ safety. Our priority is customer satisfaction. You can contact us Via Phone, Live Chat, and Whatsapp. Our home appliances team will be 24/7 available in Jeddah

Laundry Machine Repair Services

A laundry room is where necessary home appliances like a washing machine and dryer appliances are kept. If some of them break down and stop work, it affects our daily routine. Contact KSA Repair LLC, a home appliances repair company that deals with all home appliances in Jeddah. Our experts also help homeowners maintain their machines to work and last longer. Feel free to contact us, and we will give you the best solution for your appliances.

Washing Machine Repair Jeddah

If you live in and you’re experiencing any common washing machine problems, it’s important that you contact a reliable laundry repair company like KSA Repair. KSA Repair is a top-of-the-washing machine repair in Jeddah Jeddah that is dedicated to consistently providing their customers with nothing but the highest quality service. Whether your machines need new parts or you need repairs to be done on them, they are fully equipped to handle all of your washing machine repair problems. KSA Repair will be there for you!

Contact our team for Washing machine repairs Jeddah , KSA Repair is ready to provide 24/7 emergency services in Jeddah & provide on time Washing machine repair troubleshooting. Just make Book Appointment or Call Us at 0536277528 for washing machine repair Jeddah.




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Washing Machine Brands We Repairing Jeddah

Zanussi Washing Machine

Ariston Washing

Bosch Washing Machine
Siemens Washing
Teka Washing Machine
Baumatic Washing Machine

LG Washing Machine Repair
Samsung Washing

Daewoo Washing

Indesit Washing Machine
Matag Washing Machine
Miele Washing Machine
General Electric Washing Machine

Whirlpool Washing

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